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    Welcome. My name is Sherri Richards a fine artist residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

 After growing up in a family of artists in Toledo, Ohio, I moved to Atlanta and finished my Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree at Georgia State University.

    My work is; romantic, impressionistic, manneristic, with a touch of abstract.  I enjoy painting fashionable women of many ethnicities.  My hope is that my women generate a thought or an emotion within the viewer.   I also enjoy painting pet portraits (my bread and butter) and especially  birds, and horses.  When I travel into my imagination you may see a few fairies or mermaids appear in my work.  My belief is that art should tell a story.  Therefore,  I consider the majority of my work to be narrative as seen in my social commentary about "Teenage Pregnancy" and the paintings portraying  the"International Health"  field (in which my husband works).

    In 1994 I founded Her Father's Business which specializes in freelance art. I also teach art in schools, and have taught home-schooled children, and in summer camps. This has led to several commissioned art projects within the public school system here in Georgia.  

    My family and I have lived in Guatemala, and have traveled extensively in parts of Europe, the American east and west coasts, and to several islands including Hawaii.  

    Outside of working I enjoy spending time with my family, studying the Bible, playing tennis, relaxing on the beach, exploring new tasty recipes, going to recent movies, painting in my home studio, and working in my studio at Above Ground Studios in Chamblee, Georgia.

    I do hope that you will enjoy browsing my website. Feel free to visit often.


All work copyright, Sherri Richards 2002-2016